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De kracht van afwachten

Soms is het makkelijk om je mee laten slepen met de golven die buitenaf op je af komen. Ook kleine golfjes die hun bron hebben in je eigen hoofd kunnen zo groot worden dat je voelt dat er geen andere … Continue reading

09. november 2016 by frida
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Groeien Respecteer jezelf Blijf in beweging Nu mag je kiezen Makkelijk Soepel, soepel, soepel. Het leven moet soepel zijn. Maar hoe dan? Ik heb zo veel gedaan. Er zij zo veel methodes en goede adviezen. Maar wat betekent het voor … Continue reading

21. augustus 2015 by frida
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I believe… (A tribute to life)

I believe in multiple truths. I believe in survival. I believe in the creative power of all living beings. I believe in joy. I believe there is no shadow without light, they exist at the same time. After experiencing darkness, … Continue reading

17. december 2013 by frida
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Lately I had a talk with an older (but not old) man about decisions. We discussed a life decision that I could have made a lot earlier than I did. At one point he said that knowing what I want … Continue reading

10. oktober 2013 by frida
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New year, new goals?

The light has turned. Do you alredy notice a difference? I feel hope, and excitement. Whether it’s because of the light, the full moon, that I just celebrated my birthday or that a new gregorian year is coming up I’m … Continue reading

31. december 2012 by frida
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Recipe’s of happiness

I have had a beautiful day with interesting meetings with animals all over the world! Because of  the World Animal Day I’ve been sending healing and blessings to animals, on request from others. Thanks to everyone reacting to and joining … Continue reading

05. oktober 2012 by frida
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