Perspective session

“Perspective should be something you could buy and take intravenously.” (Erlend Loe)

Did you reach the point where you only confuse yourself more than getting clarity? The answer is there. But maybe you need to take one step back or one step closer by to be able to see it.


Enlightment from another angle

Lets have a look at your struggles and wishes. I listen actively and present to you the hidden possibilities. In a perspective session I may come to use several different methods for bringing clarity to your situation and raising your energy. For example oracle cards, visualizations, healing hands / healing voice, contact with the spirit world /angels /guides, mirroring, Conscious Breathing, affirmations, mind-mapping and crystals.

Book a Perspective session with Frida

A session takes about one to one and a half hour and costs €75. We can meet in Hilversum or online via Skype/Hangouts. Send an email to or call +31 (0)6 – 83 252 037 to make an appointment.

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