Through my influence in your energy field you are being stimulated to heal yourself. I work intuitively and not bound to any fixed hand positions. That means that you receive healing where you need it the most at that moment.

A healing session can help you

  • clarify long and short term missions
  • make space for a new phase in your life
  • heal physical injuries and illnesses
  • balance emotions
  • get more energy


Book a healing session

You are welcome for a session in Hilversum or I can send you healing on distance. A session is about one hour to one and a half hour long and costs €75. Send an email to frida@spiritofalma.nl or call +31 (0)6 – 83 252 037 to make an appointment.


 More about healing:

The Healer. The Amplifier.
Visualization as healing.


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