Conscious Breathing

We breathe without having to think about it. That it happens automatically does not mean that we always breathe in a good way.
A shallow and fast breathing, sighing often, a dry mouth and a stuffed nose are all indications of a not well functioning breath.


– Do you sleep poorly? Do you snore?
– Does physical activity make you breathe heavily?
– Do you often have a racing mind?
– Do you suffer from low energy and endurance?
– High blood pressure or other heart-problems?
– Are you often afraid, anxious, or worried?
– Do you have recurrent throat infections?
– Are you overweight?
– Do you experience aches and pain?
– Is your nose often blocked?

Poor breathing habits could be one of the reasons behind different health issues. If you answered yes to any of the above, improving your breathing pattern could help you improve your health. You can experience more energy, less stress and better stamina in your daily life.

Improve your breathing habits

– Begin The 28-Day Program for Better Breathing
– Buy products which helps you retrain your breathing

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