Experiment: Sleep Tape

At first I wasn’t at ease with the idea of taping my mouth during my sleep. Curiosity took over. The first times I woke up halfway through the night with a stuffed nose making it too hard to breath through it. So I took off the tape and returned to sleep, probably breathing through my mouth the rest of the night. I’m actually most certain I did since I woke up with a dry mouth.

There are many reasons why it’s better to breath through the nose instead of through the mouth. Let’s mention a few. Breathing through the nose creates a streamlined airflow making the air reach deeper into the lungs. In the nose the air gets filtered from bacteria, viruses and other possibly irritating particles in the air. The air is also getting warmed, moistened and mixed with the gas nitric oxide (produced in the sinuses) which helps to expand the airways and better transfer the oxygen to the blood. Nitric oxide also helps to protect the body from viruses and germs. (Source: The power of your breath by Anders Olsson)

In a period I gave up the taping because of lacking motivation. I put more focus on breathing well during the day. As my nose got less stuffed I decided to try out the sleep tape for a longer period of time. During the day I can influence how I breath but I have no control of this as I sleep. The reason why I tape my mouth at night is to  make sure I really breath through my nose.

Now I’ve been taping my mouth for five nights in a row and I am building up a wow-feeling about it. It might be too early still to draw any conclusions but I claim to have more energy. With more energy I mean a happier mood, more action oriented, more balanced emotions and a sharper mind. I guess you could say that’s what a good nights’ sleep does to you.

Since I haven’t been eating very well this week (snacking in the evenings, no periodic fasting, too much bread, cheese and chocolate) I cannot say my increased energy level is because of that. I’m curious what I will experience as I continue to tape my mouth at night and shape up my eating habits again.

07. August 2015 by frida
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