The Healer. The Amplifier.

Healing. Co-creating balance. Stimulating vitality. I put my mind aside and make my heart bigger. I wish. I ask for help. I feel myself vibrating with the energy of change. With the energy of love. Transformation is near. Constantly ongoing. Let’s focus on this now.

Why are you here? Your body knows. Your soul has the lead. Bless this moment. Now relax. You can do this. You know how it goes. Just relax. Allow yourself to change. Here we go. Breathe in the crispy silence. Feel the colors. Sense the presence.

I am only one. I am the amplifier. Around us are many more. We are all here for you today. Because you asked. Because time is ready. Relax even more now. It’s time for something new, time for another phase. Let go of the pain, the fear, the place, the relation. The past. We are not going to take the memory away from you. We will not do anything against your will.

Many are the hands working through the hands of mine. With and without words we communicate. We are as one. One team. One goal. Many specialties. You can feel us now. Do you hear the whispers in your ear? Do you notice the new thoughts in your mind? How does the pictures behind your closed eyes make you feel? Give in for the emotions. Experience sadness, pride, joy and restlessness. Experience it fully. It is all part of the process. Accept the emptiness. Let it be okay to fall asleep. Go. You will be called back when it’s time. Just go. Give in. I’ll be here with you.


Silently we allow your system to sing your song. To vibrate in your tempo. To shine in your color. I want to remind you that you are the one doing this. You have created and chosen this moment for your transformation. Small or big. Trust the timing and trust your path. We are here to focus on you now. Feel your energy flow on all levels. The blood through your veins. The sparkling energy in your fingertips. Feel the density of your soul in the heart area. Feel connected with your life here on Earth. Feel connected to the timelessness, to the past and to the future. Know who you were and who you will be. But don’t analyze, there is no need. Just be.

One by one is stepping away now. Slowly. We thank each other for the cooperation. Again, we have experienced the beauty of co-creation, of co-helping. In another moment in another time and space, the constellation will be different. Now the sense of individuality grows stronger. The only hands I see are my own.  The magical feeling is taken over by the concrete perceptions in the room. Of the senses in the physical body. It has happened. You did it.

Picture thanks to Elne (Neighya) via Flickr.

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04. February 2014 by frida
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