Visualization as healing

Today I’d like to give you an example of how I work. What happens, from my point of view, in an energy healing session? In it’s simplest form energy healing is about strong will, belief and creativity. Visualization is one of the tools.

A few years ago I helped a man with a broken ankle, a quite complicated case with multiple fractures. He needed screws and plates to keep the bones together in the right position. I met him a few days after surgery and immediately started with energy healing with the goal to speed up the healing process.

I had only been busy for a few minutes when I got x-ray vision. (Today I am still amazed when this happens.) I could clearly see how it looked like inside the leg. I could see swelling and stagnation and the pounding blood. I knew somehow, without medical background, how it should look like in it’s normal state. And I started to remind the bones and tissues how it is to be whole and well functioning. I could compare the two pictures I had in my head and give more focus to the picture of the leg being strong and healthy.

As I continued I used another method. In healing sessions I often see the aura as a system of threads woven together in a complex order. If some are broken or weak they need to be exchanged. So I started to gently pull the broken threads out of the area of the fracture. The man experienced this as a tingling sensation.

In the end of the session I focussed on creating a healthy energy flow. I was visualizing the energy flowing freely throughout the whole body and around it and asking his body to give even more attention to the damaged area. This I did ‘thinking’ that the white pure energy is flowing through the leg, taking away what is not supposed to be there and strengthening the healing abilities which are already there.

Over a period of about 5 months I gave him multiple energy healing sessions, more frequently in the beginning and later less often. He got the fracture in the early fall and recovered so well that he could go skiing in the winter season. This dispite that the docters in the beginning had told him that he’d probably never be able to run normally again. I am not taking the full cred for his recovery. What I did was reminding, activating and strengthening his own, already busy, healing abilities. Strong will and belief. Action instead of complaints.

At last I want to say that I don’t believe that energy healing could or should replace the medical care. In cases like fractures and more serious and acute illnesses seeking medical care is essential. I do that too. Energy healing can be successfully used as a complementary method, both in the acute phase and in recovery to speed up the healing process.

In an upcoming post I will describe how I work together with the spirit world in my healing sessions.





28. January 2014 by frida
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