The plant nursery

Yes, I know it is still really cold outside and gardening would be the last thing to think about right now. But, today I did have some spring running through my veins and I spontaniously set up a plant nursery in my window. Some egg cartons and plastic bags made the base. Then I added some water, love and yogi-tea affirmations to the seeds! I’m curious to see them grow.


Although this spring is cold it feels good to have the light again. I silently celebrated the spring equinox last week. I am really longing to take the light in, to spend more time in the outdoors. Taking part in the River of Herbs project in Amsterdam also added up to today’s inspiration. I have started to check up some interesting locations for “public gardening” in Hilversum. Quite many places would really get a lift with some edable greens and colorful flowers.


I guess I also got some extra inspiration from Ron Finley and his Guerilla Gardening project in L.A. This story makes me very emotional and although I am blessed to get fresh biological veggies from the store, I would still want to see and live in a city where every block has its own garden. For everyone living there. Please have a look at this video, it is very inspiring:

25. March 2013 by frida
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