Herbal Learning Boost

Today was the first meeting with the Urban Herbology Apprenticeship Group in Amsterdam. For one year long I will learn how to identify and to use plants growing in closeby surroundings. I will learn about edible and medicational plants, what they are good for and how to preserve them. Now my head is filled with new information and my heart is filled to the edge with inspiration and motivation! And, nonetheless, thankfulness for everything new I have learned today and for everything that I will learn during this period.

I am learning a whole new language, in four different languages. It is not enough learning the categorization of all plants with the groups and the families, but I do it in both English, Dutch, Swedish and Latin. At this point it is necessary to get the whole picture. The coarse is in English, I am here in the Netherlands, to gain the aha-feeling I need the name in Swedish and to connect all this I need the Latin names. But I can do that.

The apprenticeship is not all about learning about plants and herbs. As important is to connect to nature from a spiritual per- spective. To follow and celebrate the seasons. To practice (self) healing on different levels. To build a relation with the plants. If you are interested to know what exactely I will learn you can read the syllabus here.

I can highly recommend you to have a look at urbanherbology.org. Here Lynn Shore has done a great work building a library of information about edibles in an urban environment. In the spring I will also be joining the River of Herbs project. This aims to increase urban gardening and stimulate community thinking. I hope to inspire, not only myself, but also you and other people with this project. I wish to put many seeds of edibles into the soil in the area where I live, for everyone to enjoy and to use.

I will keep you posted on my process. And I hope that I soon enough can invite you to join me in similar projects here in Hilversum!

08. October 2012 by frida
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