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Yesterday it was Imbolc, the time when the Earth, the trees and the plants truly awakens after the dark winter period. Me and my daughter celebrated it by a short and windy walk on the heath, picking some baby nettles. … Continue reading

03. februari 2016 by frida
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Seven steps of healing

The last year and a half I’ve been slowly introduced to the Wise Woman Tradition described by Susun Weed. In this tradition she describes seven steps of (self)healing. The first steps are least harmful and the higher on the scale you … Continue reading

15. december 2013 by frida
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The plant nursery

Yes, I know it is still really cold outside and gardening would be the last thing to think about right now. But, today I did have some spring running through my veins and I spontaniously set up a plant nursery … Continue reading

25. maart 2013 by frida
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Herbal Learning Boost

Today was the first meeting with the Urban Herbology Apprenticeship Group in Amsterdam. For one year long I will learn how to identify and to use plants growing in closeby surroundings. I will learn about edible and medicational plants, what … Continue reading

08. oktober 2012 by frida
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And so the fall is here

High air, dry leaves between the toes, harvesting. I love all the seasons but I always seems to get more energy when the temperature drops in the end of the summer. This week has been a beautiful week, enjoying the … Continue reading

15. september 2012 by frida
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Herbs as medicine

The last weeks I’ve really gotten a boost in learning about herbs and spices and their medical use. I can be very ambitions when it comes to self studies. In our small backyard I’m growing a few herbs as parsley, … Continue reading

07. mei 2012 by frida
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