A simple fact with a big impact

I remember learning about metabolism at school. Now when I update myself about it I cannot help wondering why this knowledge is not deeper integrated in our worlds, in society. It’s a simple fact with a big impact in our daily lives.

Energy is not something we just have or get. We create it in our bodies, in our cells. It is actually as simple as adding the ingredients nutrition and oxygen. But lets remember that the quality of the end result is determined by the quality of what you put in it.

Photo thanks to Minoru Nitta via Flickr.

So, we need food and air to make energy. Lets first look into the importance of breathing. Anders Olsson, author of the book The Power of Your Breath, describes how our energy level is connected with our breathing habits:

Your ability to deliver oxygen to your cells is reduced when your breathing pattern is impaired. Still, your need for energy is huge, so when your cells receive less oxygen they lose the ability to produce sufficient energy to perform work at a normal level.

It is much more efficient to produce energy with the aid of oxygen than without it, since this process provides up to 19 times more energy from the same amount of nutrients. It is the mitochondria of the cells that produce almost all our energy (called ATP) through combustion of nutrients and oxygen, and the mitochondria cannot function without oxygen.

Following the program about Conscious Breathing have made me understand how important it is to start with the basics in order to feel better. The last months I have made changes in my daily breathing and eating habits making my energy level higher than I can remember they have ever been. Simple knowledge, simple life.

16. september 2015 by frida
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