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It’s time again for the international medium Roger Colman to visit the Netherlands. I’ve followed workshops and courses with him and also seen him at demonstrations and private readings. In the end of March he holds a intermediate/advanced workshop as well as one day training for beginners. The location is in The Hague in a quiet place next to the sea. If you’re interested, please read about his full program below. For prices and booking information please email

Beginners Mediumship Development Workshop ‘A Journey of Discovery’ –  Fri 21st March 2014

Have you ever wondered about your own psychic abilities?
Do you feel that you may have mediumship potential?
Would you like to spend a fun and educational day with like minded people exploring these possibilities?

This will be a fast moving day with lots of exercises and opportunities to experiment with energy. Some areas you will cover include, Meditation, The difference between Psychic and Mediumship work, Understanding the Aura, working with Sound and Colour, Psychometry, Circle Work and we touch upon Deeper levels of Mediumship.

Day 1 of 2 – Intermediate / Advanced Mediumship Development Workshop – Sat 22nd March 2014

In this intensive day, be prepared to ‘stretch your mind’ and work hard. Over the course of the weekend you will get the opportunity to work on your evidence both within private consultations and group demonstrations. Roger will guide you  through techniques to help improve the quality of your evidence and your ability to ‘hold’ your communicator as well as looking at other areas such as presenting your Mediumship. Roger is a supportive and encouraging tutor helping you to move your Mediumship forward to the next level in a confident and caring way.


Day 2 of 2 – Intermediate / Advanced Mediumship Development Workshop – Sun 23rd March 2014

Day two we will continue to work closely with the Spirit World whilst we expand and build on your own Mediumship skills. We will take the opportunity to truly blend with the Spirit World a very powerful and special experience. We will look into Advanced Mediumship skills such as Altered States and Trance Mediumship.


Private Consultations – Mon 24th March 2014

Roger enjoys the intimacy and interaction achieved during a Private Consultation. The opportunity is available to obtain a wealth of information, allowing the time needed to really work with the spirit communicators in a private and personal environment. His private sittings are always conducted with the uppermost respect and compassion. The objective of the sitting is always to obtain evidence of survival of the spirit.

In these personal Consultations, Roger will dedicate the whole time to trying to contact your Loved ones who have passed to the Spirit World. He will attempt to give you good evidence of them being ‘Alive and well’ in the Spirit World whilst passing on any messages of Love and support they may have for you. Please remember, the information given is very special and Roger recommends you record the Consult so you are able to listen again at a later time.



Whilst demonstrating in a public environment, Roger delivers his Mediumship in a sensitive and positive manner. Using his natural charisma and ability to connect with his audience in a down to earth and engaging way, he manages to keep a warm and lively atmosphere whilst blending the two worlds together. He will be the voice for your Loved ones in the Spirit world, working to prove that they are alive and well and still able to share their Love with you. This evening is experimental and it can not be guaranteed that you will get a message.

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