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I haven’t quite known what my ‘why’ is for working with mediumship. I know mediums who aim to prove that life continues after death, to be the voice of the spirit world, or give advice in life questions with help from the spirit side. It is beautiful to be the messenger and to give hope and answers. But I am looking for another approach.

In my work as healer I often say that in a perfect world I should’t be needed. I love this work. But wouldn’t it be beautiful if we could be our own healers? If we could find the balance in ourselves and restore our bodies, minds and souls? I’ve found out that I have the same apporach in my mediumship. What if my work wasn’t needed? What if I could help you and your family in the spirit world to connect also when I’m not there?

I want to help you connect with your loved one’s in the spirit world. And I want to help the souls in the spirit world to connect with their loved one’s here on Earth. I want to re-introduce you to each other and coach you in how to communicate in this ‘new’ situation. I want to help you to recognize each other and support each other despite the border of what we call life and death. Then you can talk to each other anytime you like. Feel each other. And just know each other. This is my goal of mediumship. Just like souls, relationships also continue after death.

11. februari 2014 by frida
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