When forks are stuck in the road

This is about letting go. A stepping stone to the future. An opportunity to speed up the development. To learn something new, go deeper and higher. To add yet another perspective. It always makes me wonder about what this change will bring, what will come after this? What will begin after this ending? Painful. Full of nostalgia and memories.

All this wondering claims space in my heart and mind. But reality forces me back to the present. To move on. To be here. I am just a little bit afraid of what might come, of the consequenses. The mind tries out different paths and the heart rides the rollercoaster of all emotions. What will happen now? Where do I go?

Can't looseDo I do anything? Do I stay calm or will I panic? I have learned that I have the choice. I can stay calm if I have to. I feel my emotions but it’s no use of letting them take over my actions. So I wipe a tear off my chin and I stay calm. I stay by my senses, but extra sensitive. I know what I got to do. I know that life goes on and that the best thing to do is to stay realistic. Stay here. In my world. Here. Reality rules.

Letting go. A trip back to the soul’s perspective. The ego has to wait. Now I can see what really matters. And I can see what I want. And what I would regret if I didn’t do it. I can connect a few dots and I can see the relations. I can see how the connections to people in my life have changed and how they in the same time are just as before. Who is closer to my heart? And then I ask myself the question. What am I doing here?

Let go. There is no other way. The faster I can accept reality the better I feel. I don’t say it doesn’t hurt, that there will be no tears or trauma. It will mosty. But I’m not stuck. I move on faster. I deal with reality.

Now is the time to rock to the rhythm of life! Time to shine. Time to love. Time to be. Like anytime. Enjoy what you have, enjoy your feelings and enjoy your relations. The time will come when you have to let it go.


09. januari 2014 by frida
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