Seven steps of healing

The last year and a half I’ve been slowly introduced to the Wise Woman Tradition described by Susun Weed. In this tradition she describes seven steps of (self)healing. The first steps are least harmful and the higher on the scale you get the higher the risks. I believe we all have used and/or can relate to all steps of this healing tradition and would like to share some thoughts around it.

Step 0: Do nothing.
Step 1: Collect information.
Step 2: Engage the energy.
Step 3: Nourish and tonify.
Step 4: Stimulate/Sedate
Step 5a: Use supplements.
Step 5b: Use drugs.
Step 6: Break and enter.

During the last year I’ve been using medicine and methods from all steps. With these experiences I’m now able to reflect on these steps and better understand what it means. I’m gonna share some examples.

In the beginning of the year I had a severe food poisoning where I had to spend a night at the intensive care. It was too late to do anything to get it out of my system so the only thing to do was to wait for it to pass (step 0). I was observed and only after climbing out of my hospital bed several times I got something to help me relax (step 4, maybe even step 5). After coming home I started to collect information about the cause and symptoms (step 1) helping me to understand what happened. I asked trusted friends and consulted books and Internet. From here I could easier find ways to recover using energy healing and visualizations (step 2) and by drinking lots of warm water (step 3) and rest (step 0).

In the summer I had my daughter via a caesarian (step 6) and with that I had antibiotics and pain medications (step 5). Before and after I used affirmations and visualizations for strength and healing (step 2). And I was drinking nettle infusion as a tonic to boost myself (step 3). For my long term recovery after pregnancy and surgery I’ve taken vitamine and mineral supplements (step 5) and homeopathic remedies (step 2).

I’ve built a great respect for all medications and herbs this year. I’ve experienced what an impact is has on my body and mind. I’m way more cautious using anything from my herbal closet and search for information on a deeper level before I use anything. But I still use my intuition and my inner knowing of what I need. But I use less.

And, proudly, I am going back to the basics doing more energy healing. I am surprised I haven’t used it more primary this year but I’m happy for what I’ve learned. In urgency it seems easier to rely on the higher steps of the healing hierarchy. And sometimes it is needed. I can feel very greatful for supplements, pain medications and all the knowledge the doctors and other practitioners have. And it’s perfectly combined with other methods. That’s my experience so far.

But it is also my inner belief that energy healing can accomplish great things with low risk and with no or hardly any side effects. And here is where my expertise lies. Every time magic happens. Here’s where I want to develop and learn more. This is how I want to continue helping myself, my family and others. The other areas I leave to other experts.

15. december 2013 by frida
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