I believe… (A tribute to life)

I believe in multiple truths. I believe in survival. I believe in the creative power of all living beings. I believe in joy.

I believe there is no shadow without light, they exist at the same time. After experiencing darkness, you experience light. After experiencing light, you experience darkness. I believe in life. I believe in movement. I believe in perspectives. In simplicity. I believe in self-discipline. And I believe it’s healthy to let yourself go sometimes. Lose it! And laugh about it.

I believe intuition is the greates guide of all. I believe in angels. I believe in taking rest. I believe that time heals a lot but not all. Actually it is not time itself that contains healing abilities but our new experiences, feelings and thoughts. And our bodies. I believe our bodies are amazing.

I believe the trees are more important than we think. I hear them speak to us. I believe we can learn from the animals. I believe we can help them. Just like we can learn from people around us. And help them too.

Did I say I believe in movement? It might even be essential. My body needs to move. My mind too. And the soul as well. I believe our souls travel while we’re sleeping. I believe in lucid dreams. I believe pure awareness of our own energy is a great way to energize ourselves. I believe it’s wise to heal the past. And I think it’s good to stay open about the future. I believe many things doesn’t go according to our plans. I believe that what happens is what needs to happen.

9409142961_7b2888d20e_z- Ian D. Keating(Photo thanks to Ian D. Keating via Flickr)

I believe in our ability to cope with the unexpected. We are amazing in coping with chaos. And in creating it. And doing so again and again and again. I believe we are all heroes. I believe in our ability to take off, to fly and land safely. Storm or sunshine. I believe in doing our best.

I believe in communicating. With words, smiles, eyes and touch. With telepathy and with silence. I believe we are all connected. I believe we are stronger than we think. And that we are more sensitive than we think. I believe we are here togehter. But we need to live our own lives. Be courageous!

I believe every day counts. That there’s no time to loose. I belive in having a healthy balance between thinking forward and enjoying the present. I believe the right people and situations shows up when we’re ready for it. But I also believe we can make ourselves ready for it. I believe that since we are here, we are ready to live fully. Do we?

17. december 2013 by frida
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  1. I believe that if we just remember to breath, we are ready to do anything. :-)

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