Evening herbal walk

The lime trees (linden) are in full bloom! For a week I’ve had my eyes on the lime trees, waiting for them to bloom and looking for individual trees easy accessible. So, tonight I took a pair of my linnen bags and a great smile on my face and went to the park for some harvesting. Found a pair of younger lower trees with the most beautiful flowers. As started, a young girl (~10 yrs old) approached me asking what I was doing. As she helped me harvesting the flowers, we had a great talk about how to make tea from lime. But also about bumble bees, about re-using plastic bags and about other edible plants in the park. She even picked som clover (klaver) flowers for me. After a while she went sporting with her mom and I went on with my herbal walk.

The stinging nettles (brandnetel) were hard on me but thank god for the majestic plantain (weegbree) growing just next to them. Rubbing the burned fingers with one leave really helped a lot. Halfway home I came across some mugwort (bijvoet)! Big beautiful leaves, and just in time now for midsummer. They are said to bring more clarity in dreams and protect you from negative energy.

So now my home is filled with drying lime tree flowers, stinging nettle and mugwort. It always gives me a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment gathering my own herbs. And soon I will enjoy an evening cup of tea with fresh mugwort and lime tree flowers…!

19. juni 2012 by frida
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